Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving day!

I am thankful today!
For...SO much!

The new and improved Bijou..Doubling our space has been great, everything we expected and more!! Thanks Ted and thanks Edie for offering your space, we do miss you!!

I am thankful today for the smooth river of may be smooth, because I don't every push the river..(Life will happen how it is supposed to happen, wheter you push it or not)..or that I am a very lucky person and have great Karma...whatever it is..I'm thankful!

I'm thankful for my family, they make owning a business so easy, especially Thomas, doing all that I can't do, without blinking an eye, just because he loves us so much....running errands on their day off....being understanding when I have to work extra, putting up with all this computer time...sweeping when they come in and doing projects for the business I give them with a smile. I'm so grateful for them!

I'm thankful for the Bijou girls and the Bijou boy, who all work so hard to keep Bijou what it is AND for appreciating what Bijou is. Asher was sick the other day, he stayed home to watch Tabatha salon takeovers...He texted me and said, watching these episodes makes me realize how nice it is at Bijou. That made my day! I'm thankful that they actually believe in me and listen to my advice. Thanks guys, I can't wait for our Christmas party at Mirbeau, where I can really show my thanks to you:)

I'm thankful to the clients of Bijou, thankful not only that we have so many, but that they are all such wonderful people and that they appreciate what we have to offer so much. I am thankful that when one of them has a suggestion to make our salon better, they tell us without worrying it might offend us, this helps us so much, we love to hear what you LOVE about Bijou, but also what can improve us, we are striving for perfection, but are realistic and know there is always room for improvement! I'm thankful for every new person that walks through our door and then returns again and again. We are blessed, as Michele said the other day!

Thank you and with your families or your friends, have a wonderful Turkey day! Gobble Gobble!