Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Susan with the purple hair!

As luck would have it, Patrick walked into Bijou one day, asking Asher some questions about haircolor, after a few minutes of back and forth, Asher gave up relaying and brought Patrick back to talk to me. He was inquiring about purple hair and could we do it?! Of course, do you want like a streak or section of it? No, he wanted all of it purple, then he explained...His wife Susan was just diagnosed with breast cancer. (She is going to be fine, we know she will:) While they were talking with the doctor, he brought up wigs, she asked if she could have a purple wig? It was always her dream to have purple hair. The doctor didn't know, but I think a big bright idea sparked in Patricks head! And this is where we come in...Thankfully (Thank you to all the real estate agents in town who keep recommending us!:) they told him to come to Bijou! Patrick and Susan are relatively new to town and we were so glad to be able to give her the dream of having purple hair!

Before I started writing this, I of course had to research what the color purple meant...of course it means bravery, courage and royalty...this was perfect for Susan, she has a heart of Gold and we learned all about her that afternoon. Courtney and I enjoyed every minute and what Susan doesn't realize is, in her own way she will give courage to other woman...a client once told me that her mother used to say...God chooses his soldiers carefully...all the women who i know have had and beat breast cancer...are just that...courageous soldiers!!

*I'm writing this and the song that came on the radio is..."When a man loves a woman..." I'm adlib'ing "he will give her purple hair!"

I can't wait, because I have two things I'm working on...and I have two angels helping me...One is here and the other is here...stay tuned!