Monday, November 30, 2009

Who needs Christmas music, when we have the Dicken's....

So we had some visitor's the other day...They were so cute and jolly, so much so, that Courtney wanted to join in...I did to, but somebody had to take a picture. I really love how the Dicken's keep in character, it must be a blast to do! (except on cold rainy days;)
SO bring on the holiday's, we are all ready, sparkled and set to go. Bijou is a winter wonderland, or as Candy from the Chamber of Commerce thought...Buddy the elf came in late on night and decorated for SANTA!

I will pass on my Christmas tradition of 5 years now. It's what I do for my family, they gladly stick to it and when the holidays come, they, on their own, start planning...We do 4 gifts for everyone.... (click there to see my post from last year on that same idea:)

Something they WANT,
Something they NEED,
Something to WEAR,
and something to READ

It seems like so little, in fact you may think the eve of Christmas...Oh dear, what have I done, what will they think? Will they think they were naughty? BUT I guarantee you will wake up to happy people, who will remember everything they got, even months down the road:)

Have a super fantastic holiday season, may all your wishes come true!