Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bijou's Top ten "news" from 2008!

The year has passed by in record speed. With that year passing, there have been many changes, yet many things have also stayed the same!

While reading the Skaneateles Journal on New year's eve, I read the top ten stories of 2008, something every year I like to do! And I began thinking...hmmm has Bijou had 10 stories for 2008? Let me make an attempt and see:

1. Our Bijou blog was born actually in 2007, however only 2 posts were completed, having much more ideas and committing myself to actually putting them on the blog, in 2008 with the help from Courtney and Michele, I completed 69 posts. Having almost 3000 visitors for the first year to our blog, inspires me to continue. Hearing such lovely comments from Cheryl and Beth (2 women that I admire greatly) about my amateurish writing has me not so self conscious of all my run on sentences and incorrect grammar:) It is just a blog after all, for others, I ask, please forgive me if I butcher a paragraph, keep in mind I do these normally very late at night! Also in January 2008 Jackie Gage joined Kimberlee and I, who were working together as a duet for about 3 months, so quiet it was then, I remember wondering where the 2008 year would take us....I am so grateful for what it has brought us, soo grateful!

2. In April we were joined by Michele Zeppieri, bringing to us almost 22 years of experience! Click here for some previous posts about her!

3. In May Connie Willits our Bijou expert on the Young living oils came for a summer position, we do hope to see her again this fall, she fit in perfect with us girls! We were lucky enough to learn a lot about the young living essential oils, which can benefit all of us in one way or another!

4. June brought us Courtney Conley you can read about her here!

5. guessed it, another girl! Wow, looking back I guess we just exploded! Every girl was a perfect fit! Lori Lovell, someone I had so enjoyed working with in the past, joined the Bijou team and we all couldn't imagine Bijou life without her! Here is one page of her work, I guess I need to do some Bio work for her:) ACTUALLY her husband is a very talented writer, maybe I'll try to get some help from him!

6. We've changed alot in products, finding what works the best! Eufora is still our favorite and really does make brand new hair, but now we've added Kenra to our list, we added Glo minerals for our make up, bidwell scrubs and lotions. We still have our shoe doodles and also our blissfull bath bombes.

7. We celebrated our year anniversary, had a month long of thankfulness with treats from savoir fair and lots of really good specials!

8. We took a challenge for the month of October to donate 10% of our proceeds on services and raised almost $1500 to send to the National Breast cancer foundation! Next year we will plan better and try to double our attempts!

9. We weren't happy with the performance and durability, not to mention comfort of our pedicure chairs, we made the decision to upgrade to the Cadillac of pedicure chairs and announced the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Rinato in November! We are happy to say that it was worth the investment and everyone loves them even more than we expected!

10. We are collecting email addresses and have started a monthly newsletter filled with great deals and news. We will also implement "last minute deals", just like the airlines give;) I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this new option, since it is all new to me too:) You can also subscribe at the top of this page to the bijou blog, basically every time I make some silly little post about whats going on at Bijou, it will be sent to you in email form or you can just check back every once in a while!

Well I did it, I realize they are not newsworthy stuff like in the papers, but thanks for reading on, we are proud and grateful! We really could not do any of this without you! Thank you!