Monday, January 5, 2009

We are one step ahead! With the devafuser!$pd300$

While (finally) relaxing and getting caught up on my many trade magazines (the easiest task on my "to do" list:) I found the 2009 sneak peek for Modern Salon, New year! New Products! Number #1 on the list was the DEVAFUSER! Suddenly I felt edge, as I had picked up the DEVAFUSER on our NYC trip!

We've had the chance to try it out in the salon and it's really great! The new hand-shape design fits easily underneath curls and uses 360 degree airflow to dry hair from the inside out! Things just can't get any easier!

Just another sign that big hair is coming back!

On that note, a new client Shelly (Hi Shelly and Thank you Linda W. for the recommendation!) just came and actually said, big hair from the 80's works for me, so that is what I want! She came to the right person, I'm one that actually liked that hair, well minus the 2 foot tall bangs, but I always have a soft spot for a big blow out style! And then just the other day I made some of the girls laugh because I said, the 80's were easy, you got a perm, you blew dry it upside down and sprayed it really quick! Anway, these things come back sooner or later, with a little bit more of a bearable flair to it for the times! Can't wait to see what 2009 brings us!