Monday, June 16, 2008

Altieri Brothers and Kimberlee!

Let me first start off by saying...she agreed, only for a trim...she wanted to still grow her hair, but was willing take it a bit shorter...a little bit! Platform artists never listen to a "little bit"!

The first cut, she saw my face...and started to almost cry...

We had the chance to take a class a while back. I say a while back, because I will show you some pictures, but if you come into the salon, you will see how much Kimberlee's hair grew back already!

These guys are a dynamic duo, during the NYC show, I wrote on a piece of paper, 'could that be Elvis?' Riccardo, the bigger one, seriously was showing some hip action, you know, channeling Elvis. In all seriousness, these guys are excellent platform artists, they demonstrate reasonable cuts and styles that we can bring home to you. Sometimes at shows, you walk away with a couple things, but a tiny bit from this cut, a tiny bit from that one, but not one whole one if you know what I mean...I guess it doesn't make much sense, unless you have been to a hair show...they are rather avante a beautiful cut...but that 12inches on the one side hanging in a sharp point is just plain weird...It's like going to a Paris fashion show, for of them are gorgeous, but then sometimes the overall outfit, is just plain weird!

Okay, I'm sorry, I digress...So back to Riccardo and Tony...They came to Syracuse and we were invited to a private class with them...they are fun and after all they cut Miley Cyruses hair, amongst others, so we were happy and excited to attend!

This was a while ago, actually there was only Kimberlee, Jackie and me at the shop. And Kimberlee's hair is a lot longer now and different colors too! Once a month she changes her style, I just love that about her!

So here you are, the before, afters and during:) Riccardo Altieri's version of Posh Spice's bob!

Oooh, I was so happy to see a smile:) on her face, not that anyone could make Kimberlee look ugly, but you know, I didn't want any tears on the way home!!