Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Polar Bear plunge - Team Bijou


Wait...Let's stop to take a picture..Okay...

How the heck did we get involved in jumping into freezing cold waters? Well, you know...It just happened.

Last year we watched the plunge. We sponsored Andy Ramsgard, one of the founding fathers of the plunge. While in my head, I think...I could do that...I really know I could NOT! Jokingly I said to a couple of the girls, we should do that next year. At least three girls jumped at it. We talked about it all year long. Lightly planned costumes. Googled polka dotted bikini's. Then around Christmas, we started getting serious!

My deal was, I'll provide the entrance fee's, raise the money and buy the costumes. They just have to freeze their buns off!

After a month of planning, raising money and Miranda's mom sewing the capes. We were ready.

Of course we had to glam up the hair...and the make up...lots of glitter and hair as high as it could go!

OH, and we WON the trophy for a year at Bijou! LUCKY #13!! We were the 13th team to enter and we raised the most funds. Over $1100! Our biggest fan and contributor was Adam at Upstate Shredding. He dared us to jump in for $500. We made sashes that said, 'Upstate Shredding is the reason our buns are freezing'. The articles written where here and here. Read and enjoy!

And to our snow bird Kay (and my Mama and Papa), who reads us from far away, nice and warm in Florida. Those crazy girls will do it again next year! TLinkhe video link is HERE!

Great Job Bijou girls!!