Sunday, February 12, 2012

Matching a stylist and a guest...

From time to time, I will get emails from new guests asking me what stylist would be good for them. I LOVE when this happens and if every new guest that came to Bijou would tell us a little about their hair, their past salon experiences and their likes and dislikes...Matching stylists to guests would be so easy.

This is my theory on finding a hairstylist that is right for you. Personalities play a big part in the success of this, a wild child who would go to a conservative stylist, may not always work. The same if it's vice versa. Some people like to play it safe with their hair, some people like to just be a wild card and some people really need a stylist to tell them what would be best. Stylists that are good for one person, doesn't always mean they'll be good for that persons friend. But it doesn't make them bad, it just makes them not right for them.

At Bijou, we strongly encourage...and every one of our stylists will tell you this. We won't take it personally if you don't return to us, it's nothing personal and we just want you to be happy and comfortable with who you go to. If your style is to go to someone different each time, just to see what's out there. WE encourage it! We have lots of clients who float freely within Bijou Salon. (it's how I was, when I was a client:)

So please, if you are new and coming to Bijou, and the team profiles are not helping you enough to figure out who to choose for a stylist. Email me and tell me your hair hang ups, your wants and your do NOT wants. Send me some pictures if you wish and I will give you at least 2 stylist recommendations and why. Then you can choose!