Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NOLA and ST200 top fastest growing salon in North America

Winning ST 200 was an amazing experience. Visiting NOLA to receive the award and attend the Serious Business Conference was very exciting! The four days we spent learning new business practices were days well spent! And we ate really good food:)

New Orleans is a very INTERESTING city. The culture is...interesting and diverse! We took it all in, everything that was there we tried to experience it. But we also are setting our sites at going back next year to receive another award!

The highlight for me? Other than spending it with my beloved new froggy husband? Meeting the most amazing woman in this industry. A person that is so lovely...ugh that is just not enough of a description....My best explanation is this, you know how in Ugly Betty there is the character Wilhelmina Slater? And in The devil wears prada, there is Miranda Priestly! Well they are both editor in chiefs of major magazines and they are...SCARY! Maybe just because of those movies, do I have a preconceived notion of what an editor in chief should look and act like. But can you blame me?

Well my favorite editor in chief, and the only editor in chief that I know...Is nothing of the sort. She gives her time to the people who read her. Honestly the main fuel in why I wanted and needed to go to NOLA, was to meet her. I hope that other people get the experience of meeting someone in their industry that they admire and are so grateful for the job they do and I hope they meet your expectations. I had her on a pretty high pedestal. She did not disappoint. She was just as excited as I was, to finally be able to meet each other. She didn't have to tell me this for me to know. I just knew:)

The conference, Serious business, was a great way to learn better business practices so that we can keep growing our little business! We joined PBA, something I have been wanting to do for quite some time. We are looking into new systems to try in the field of marketing and computer programs. Anything to make things better for clients and more options is what we are looking for!

Here are some quick snaps of our 4 day whirlwind trip. We had a great time and next year we will be even more prepared to explore NOLA! We met some people at the award ceremony and maybe next year will be braver to go outside our box and talk to some more:)