Wednesday, November 30, 2011

IS big hair making a come-back?

I have to say while straight and sleek still looks great on some people, I do see more and more bigger, fuller..more voluminous hair.

Let's be real, hair for the past decade has resembled the 70's (with a splash of 60's) And that can only mean one thing: Eighties hair is next. I predict that big hair is gonna be BIG once again. Start looking for your banana clips, those are next.

Style, in particular, is cyclical. Things come and go through the years, they seem to re emerge with updated names, but in fact, they are...the same.

Think about it:

Bell bottoms = Flare or boot cut

Pedal pushers = Capri pants.

Jordache or Guess jeans = skinny jeans.

Frosted = highlights.

And Jackie Kennedy = Michelle Obama.

OH, and hair teasing = hair packing!

I'm not worried (and not just because, I actually loved BIG full hair), but as with the return of the 70's styles, we modified them and made them better! (or so we think;) I think the new fuller styles won't look as fried and brittle. We of course have better products, better hair color and training for stylists have come a long long way! If you don't believe me, check out this article in the LA times!

What do you think? Will it come back and how do you think it will look? Do you see yourself seeing bigger fuller hair and thinking...hmmm, I could do that...!


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY! I decided to grow my hair out last month. I will have to stop by for a styling! I actually saw a banana clip in one of my drawers the other day. I better go fetch it! Clarice Wilkinson