Sunday, December 4, 2011

Other blogs...

I love people who blog. What did we all do without them? I find them so informative, it's like a friend sharing an idea or an experience with you. I always love a good story!

It's fun to be featured in other blogs. It's usually people I know, but a few times, it's been complete strangers. When you blog, it's a big deal:)

We had someone come into the shop the other day, I didn't get to see them, so I was unaware who it was. The girls brought back this candy jar and on it said 'courtesy of a random act of kindness'.

What I love more than blogs and people who blog...IS RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS!! Oh and paying it forward..and Karma! I love all those things. They govern my life, they should govern everyone's will be more peaceful and kind! In this town, I witness everyday examples of paying it forward and random acts of kindness. In my home I see them, in my business I see them. I see them everywhere. Sometimes I see not nice things too, but then I see Karma, because almost always, what comes around goes around! Anyway, I digress.

SO on to where Bijou was spotted!

One of our creative genius types that come into the salon, who I love to share APP joy with. She also has a blog, it's very informative with the right amount of fluff. I LOVE that!

Read HERE and HERE! (remember click on the highlighted posts and it should zoom you there, for those that only read this blog by email, I'm not certain it works like that here, BUT if you click on the bottom of this email onto the highlighted name of the blog, it will also take you to the actual blog, you should hear music when you do this..not like angels singing, but real music;)

We were also featured HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE! (the one I didn't know personally...yet;)

Maybe you'll find a love for blogs too, that is, if you don't already love them:)