Monday, April 4, 2011

Bangs or no bangs?

So as I am sitting here on this dreary "spring" day...The so-called Spring day in Upstate NY. No really I prefer to be positive. (Must repeat several times to believe) I was trying to figure out what in the world to blog about. Usually, I'm blogging in my head daily, and when I sit at my computer I have plenty to say, even whipping out a few blog posts for the week. BUT today, the weather has me down.

So to inspire me, I started researching what is in style currently, on my mind specifically was bangs, or fringe, whichever you prefer to call it. I've had several clients that have worn their hair without bangs forever come and insist on me giving them bangs. And even myself, am toying with the ideas of cutting a section of bangs. BUT the dilemna is what kind of bangs, I mean it can get overwhelming to decide. I found this great blog, this girl took pictures of celebrities wearing fringe or bangs and put it next to pictures of them without the bangs/fringe. I'll have to start doing that.

While I am writing this it is making me think of the series of questions I passed around to the Bijou girls for our team bio's page, I wanted to really hone in on what people are looking for in a stylist, and ultimately while I believe it takes talent to make a client happy, it also takes a like minded individual to please them. I can see it when I think of my own clients, they are all similiar in some ways to me, so I may be wrong, but I believe it's a bigger personal connection that allows a client to see a stylists greatness. I say this all the time to new clients; I could be the best hairstylist to my client 'Judy', and she could recommend all her friends, most likely they will like me too, but her friends that are not that much like her, may wonder what the heck Judy see's in my skills. I believe (I may be totally wrong) that talent is subjective to whoever is the judge. The exception to the rule is someone who really does not know what they are doing, I've rarely worked with someone like that, but judging by some of the mistakes we fix from various places, I have to believe they exist, or it could also be a communication error, maybe they said symmetrical, but the stylist heard asymmetrical. It's so much about communication. Oh my goodness, I have to stop digressing, do people actually read all this? Ok back to the subject at hand.

BANGS or no bangs?!

So the trends still are all over the board, but I will tell you, a lot of people in upstate New York are choosing to cut those long layers shorter in the front, the side bang is still popular, but it is going shorter, some people are opting for blunt bangs and some are really going for it with short and textured bangs. I think we are passed the era of only one thing is popular, I mean really people wear bootcut jeans, capri's and skinny jeans all in the same week (when originally it was spanned over several different decades), so where are the rules and who really follows them?


Gabby R. said...

Bangs! I had Lori put bangs in my hair last week. Not a lot just a wisp. First time in 9 years that I have had bangs. I was bored and needed a change. Bangs fit the bill.

Petra said...

Hey, I am too struggling to decide!
The problem is the time it takes to grow them out! But then again I have nothing but time!!!!

Gwen said...

Hurray for not following the rules and not being able to find them!

Bijou salon said...

Okay, I'm trying to remain calm...BUT WE GOT doesn't happen too often and now it makes me so happy that people are aware of the comment section:) Yay Gabby, Petra and Gwen!! Thanks for the comments, I love the interaction!
I'm going to get bangs...Petra don't you want to join me!