Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sharing and taking the long way to telling a story, it's all good!

*Be forewarned...this is a post that may ramble..quite a lot!

If there is one thing that I can say about myself, it's that I love to share. (I also love to connect people, and used to love matchmaking, but I can admit I'm not all that great at that..but connecting people..yep, I'm great at that..that's a whole post on it's own!)

When I like something, I can't shut up about it....I find a restaurant that I love...(here, here and here..oh and here..just can't resist to tell you about here too)...I'm telling everyone, I find a product that works in my hair...(like this one, that one, or no, this one!) ...everyone knows about it..I finally find shoes that are comfy and trendy...(they are here, and these too)...everyone that can hear me shout it, will hear it!

It becomes obsessive, I need to tell everyone!...Songs, (you hear them all at the shop).. tv shows, (I'll talk the whole time about Glee or Kyle XY if I think you're interested) movies, (foreign movies that I love)...Books...documentaries, theories, conspiracies..I'm sharing with everyone...You can thank my Mother for that, she gave me the gift of gab and she may be the only person I know that can talk about everything and nothing, better than me.

Hmmm, I've mentioned plenty of times, that I digress. As Thomas would explain it, when telling a story, I stop here, smell these roses, pet that puppy, buy a cocoa...then finally get to the point, painstakingly..much later than most people would like:) Which is why I always add pictures, a picture speaks a thousand words, if you care not to read mine..

Okay now where was I? Oh yes (see Cindy, I do babble too and that there punctuation/grammar is atrocious) oh la la... not there yet, but wait, have I mentioned blogs or people that I adore? Like this guy...he's my new inspiration! (I'm getting closer to my point of this whole post, I swear..I can hear the ending of this post..saying warmer, she's getting warmer..HOT HOT)...just read these blogs, one, (the writer of that blog is the one who is featured on this video and who also helped me design Bijou) two (so excited to just find his, can't wait to catch up and follow that one;) and three.

So all of that brings me to my favorite new obsession. It's like people watching, or people creating, bringing a picture to life, by one of my favorite people, her name is Hetty Easter, a third generation Skaneateles girl, who is a classic artist. You can contact her here and contract her to do a photo of your choice, by clicking here - I love it when I see people I know on portrait a day!!)

We hope to be working on a Bijou project one day soon, when both of our busy chaotic lives grant us that wish. It will involve a contest or something fun!

She will be donating a portrait a day (meaning you will get to give her a photo that you choose) to the Odyssey of the mind fundraiser, because it would not be keeping in the whole theme of this post if I didn't sidetrack to say, my oldest son's Ootm team placed second at the state finals and he will be attending the world championship for Odyssey of the mind at the University of Maryland, this will be his second time, the last time was in 2007, before I opened Bijou and started this blog, I had done a blog for their team, we go back and look at it every once in a while!

(Just a tip for this "loaded" post, when you click a highlighted word, don't get lost, come back with the back button, it's fun:) explore a little!)

And by all means, enjoy the little movie of Shelly, here is the original photo that I took, it's to show you comparison of how great Hetty is!