Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inspiration - part one

Being a hairdresser these days is so easy, since the internet arrived, it's so easy to be inspired visually. How was it done before? OH yes, fashion and hair has come a long way, since the internet has exploded..it's available to everyone who wants to search for inspiration, a good hairdresser will always be on her toe's, looking for inspiration for each guest!

So, recently as I mentioned before, I had the girls fill out little questionnaire's for our team bio page on our main webpage (they are not completely done, but if you click on each one, you can see what I am referring to). One question was, how are you inspired? All the girls answered various ways of being inspired, but I know one way is internet, this was one reason I got an ipad in the salon, to be able to when taking a break, do a bit of research as well, food for the hunger.

I was thinking about color specifically this dreary morning. (Which did I mention as I speak, it is snowing? Oh yes, big fluffy flakes. I'm not sure if anyone has told Jack Frost, but it IS April, the robin's must be so confused and cold!)

Okay color...So sometimes I'm inspired by nature, I can look at a wood grain, especially cedar...and when I have someone with red hair, I cannot resist to add some really subtle grains of blonde in it. I mean look at all the possibilities of color in nature!!Stunning, right?

Some of the other girls will just go to pictures of color, just Google things like, blondes with lowlights, dark hair with highlights, or multi color highlights. Literally it's like a magic 8 ball for inspiration, google answers all questions, gives you a fistful of answers or examples and voila, inspiration!

Not to mention blogs. I heart blogs, take a look at this one, she is a great, and I mean great fashion expert with a flair for writing, and other bloggers, even from Italy, who get inspiration from reading those other ones. Careful, they are addicting!

My point is, inspiration, I have found is, everywhere, there is no excuse for not being inspired, just open your mind and let it wander:) but my question to you is...

What inspires you?

Next I will post about what...or WHO inspires me..so the next question will be...(I'm sure you can guess:)