Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello Ipad, welcome to Bijou

Small details are very important to me, things that I know most places never wanted to bother with, so I always ended up adding these small details myself when I could.

Having plenty of assorted teas, hot cocoa's, special coffee, special creamers, lemonade and iced tea in the summer, hot cider in the winter, mimosa's on Saturdays...tons of really great music (you can listen to the radio in the car, why would I play it in the salon)...embellishments on gift certificate envelopes, welcome cards, thank you cards, Christmas cards with gift coupons, Bijou bucks for referrals...I also love doing little things for the Bijou girls...buying them lunch or treats..just in general I like to make people feel appreciated and special! SO...

For our guests at Bijou and for the Bijou girls...We purchased an Ipad!! We hope to get a couple eventually. This will be great for when someone has to wait or process, a fussy kid (we have games and movies) but most importantly it is for your stylists to be able to take online courses through modern salon learning. I've signed us up for 6 months to take as many classes as we choose and they are rated very high in our industry.

This year we are all about the education, moving advertising dollars to education was our decision for 2011! Already on the docket, we've had 3 classes in salon. Sojourn, Bumble & bumble and a Eufora experience day. There are 7 of us attending a double class in Syracuse for Prom/Wedding style's and a cutting class in the afternoon, both hands on class. Then Courtney and I will be attending a very special 4 day foundations class done by Eufora, all taught by Sassoon trained educators. Then Christina and Taylor will be attending a long hair styling class by Eufora. Two girls will also attend a Sojourn class that will teach them tons. And Jennifer and I will head to Bumble and Bumble university for a business immersion course, then Christina and I will head there in August for a network educator course for 3 days!

All this is exciting and as in the Disney movie, Meet the Robinson's,..our motto has and always will be at Bijou, to keep moving forward!