Friday, February 4, 2011

Wearing Red for women, heart healthy women!

Today the 4th of February was heart healthy day for women. You might remember just the other day I mentioned this. Well here we are, all the girls that worked today, of course being such great girls, they all happily wore red! I'm blessed to have such great girls, who never ever balk at what I throw at them! They are always happy to jump in and do whatever I want them to! (This year when we were discussing the polar bear plunge...I joked that if we put a few of these girls in polka dotted blue and brown bikini's, I was sure we could raise a small fortune...THEY JUMPED at the 3 of them next year will be taking a plunge and the rest of us will be raising that small fortune..I only have to supply the bikini's!)

We also had the start of the middle school play, Oklahoma!! Those middle schooler's are so talented, tonight Taylor and Christina helped me out, we curled SO many heads! Then we watched the play together, both Taylor and Christina were amazed at how great it was! There is a show tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 and another tomorrow evening at 7:30. I always recommend the shows at the high school here, because I'm telling you, you will be astounded at the talent these kids have!