Monday, May 17, 2010

Some of my favorites from Skaneateles Junior Prom 2010

Prom is always a great time of year...ahh it brings back memories for all us Bijou girls...especially since this year was an 80's's true that the dresses now are much better, but if I really remember how I wore my was over to the side and curly..just like a lot of the styles today! I remember thinking how cool OUR dresses were, but these dresses that the girls had this year were red carpet gorgeous! Bijou is now getting a detailed cleaning from all the hairspray used and we will be re-stocking bobby pins too! ;) All the prom girls from Friday, and then the Auburn prom and Marcellus Ball, were all fabulous girls! Thanks for choosing Bijou to make you shine on that day!

Hair and make up done by Courtney!

Hair done by Kim

Hair and make up done by Sarah Tompkins

Hair and make up done by Samantha Mahoney-Mattice

The inspiration ...

What do you think? Pretty close to the picture, I think:)

This was so easy to do, she had the hair that was perfect for it! She found the accessory's at a craft store and she even found the dress online, exactly like the one from Gossip girl!!
Hair done by Kim, make up done by Sarah Tompkins