Thursday, May 20, 2010

Virtually meeting Sue from MA!

I think the universe works in mysterious ways...I've always believed without any doubt that 'everything happens for a reason'. Even when bad thing happen, I've learned to brace myself, take the punches and wait to learn the "Why" it's happened.

When I meet people, I tend to know the ones that will be constants in my life one way or another.

The other day as I was exiting the salon, a phone call came in, they asked for me. When I got on the phone it was another salon that called asking me about my website, I told her that Dan Lovell at CodeMunkeys did it and how pleased I was with his work. I also told her about my blog - and that Leelou blogs designed my page for me. Here is the thing with me, I will share any piece of information I have...WHY? (alot of people do ask me that;) - because lots of people have shared with me and well I just like to share! Yep, I'm not the greedy kind, that word could never be used in conjunction with my name! (In fact years ago when I got a very substantial allowance $20, 25+ years ago, the whole neighborhood benefited from my luck, candy in the club house for everyone, once a week!) I especially love sharing blog info and I'm always willing to help people set one up...Probably because I am slightly (or perhaps, very) nosy and then I could read their blog! I had to get out of the salon and off the phone, so I offered my new friend to call me later and if she wanted, I would help her set one up! We started talking a little after 9, both in front of the computer... During that time, we gabbed and talked like old friends till well after midnight.

She might be thinking that I was such a big help to her, but she could have done it by herself, blogging looks harder then it is, but it really is so simple, it's almost stupid! I think my guardian angel who watches my back, must have known I was needing a mentor! (Don Bewley just did say to get one of those;) AND Sue has owned a business for 10 years, does a lot for her community, and is opening another location, I see myself doing this one day and am thrilled to have met her during this time!

Anyway, I had the best time talking to her, we quickly shared a lot of our experiences and I know we will both be valuable to each other. SO, do you want to know how nice this new friend is? She sent me these!!

Thanks Sue, you made my day! Now get that blog going, so I can read all about your salon! I know you've got exciting things to share!!