Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's a matter of trust!

This is just a small sample for show & comes with how to information. Real booms are donated to emergency oil spills or sold in bulk to municipalities to support the program

On Monday when I stopped in the shop, Courtney asked me to talk to her client, that client wanted to talk to me about her hair...after its been cut, while it's on the floor, waiting to be swept up, she was very upset about the oil spill and wanted to donate her hair. I knew exactly what organization she was speaking about and I got the chills, it's been on my mind too since it happened, I just tend to think..ooh we're too little, could we really make that big of a difference...BUT duh, I'm the one who always says, 'every little bit counts'...Sometimes I should really listen to my own advice! ;)

This is something I've been thinking about for quite some time, this is what I do, I think..sometimes unfortunately, I have SO many things that I "think" about. I almost always, again unfortunately, need a PUSH. (usually just a tiny little push:) This morning I read an email from Thomas and he said...'Start collecting hair in specific plastic bags,, I think it may be a good idea to send it in louisiana'...There it is, my push.

I got right on the computer and signed up, after reading all about the organization, I got even more excited!!!! (yes 4 exclamations) And I realized that not only human hair is good, but dog hair, I got right on the phone and called WAGS pet salon, they said they would start collecting hair right away!

Please click on all the links and here to get an idea of how they make the mats and please stop in, I just ordered a little tiny sample so we can see exactly how it is done!

Plus the great thing is, after they use the hair mats, it can be reused again!!
After hair soaks up the oil, it can be mixed 9:1 with greenwaste, composted over 2 years, and fed to worms! The bacteria in the compost and worm tummies break down the oil and the worms create a fantastic fertilizer!