Monday, January 11, 2010

Great news!

2010 so far has been terrific. After a whole ten days, I can say that so far, so good!

Salon today is a trade magazine that I read religiously every month. The first year after I opened, all proud of the design of Bijou, (the original first phase of Bijou) after being open for 3 months, I entered the glorious and prestigious salon of the year! Shelly and I came in to the salon on a Sunday and did a real photo shoot. By real I mean, man I never realized when these salons do photo shoots and the salon looks pristine and perfect...All the stuff was in the hallway hiding. I thought I had blogged about it, but I guess not. (must have blogged in my head, like so many things) We took some great photos, I filled out the application and then received a letter saying although it was very nice, we didn't make the cut. I was sad, but only for a moment, because even without it being in a magazine, I knew Bijou was special! So I thought that was it, my only chance!

So right now, I need to get my pen moving, stop clicking on the keyboard and start answering all these questions for both competitions. Wish me luck!


When my new Salon today magazine came, I read 'Hey good lookin' show us your style', I read the first sentence...'Did you give your salon or spa a makeover this year?'...I almost forgot...YES I DID GIVE BIJOU A MAKEOVER! I mean an expansion is a makeover right...I remember the dust, the construction...the dust...did I mention the dust? I quickly scanned down and read to see if I actually did qualify...I DO I DO I DO!! The deadline is February 1st, 2010 and I'm on it.

The other exciting news is that Salon Today (what a great magazine for our trade) also has another competition..and OMG, I just went into my other tab to make sure I have the info right and I screeched...IT'S THE 13TH ANNUAL SALON TODAY 200 FASTEST GROWING SALONS!!!...(I'm a bit supersticious, so bear with me) 13 is my lucky number! From birth it was chosen for me, I have a charm bracelet that has the number 13 on me, when I was choosing my Bijou email, plain Bijou was not available for my yahoo account, so the first alternative they offered me was Bijousalon1300...I took it, seeing it as a sign, that same day when I called the phone company for my phone number, they offered me 685-1300...let's see what else, Oh I used to say that we were actually 6 and a half Jordan Road, because Bella Blue was also 6 Jordan and yet were only half of the retail space , so when I took over their space, the first thing I thought, I wish I could rename the address, to 13 Jordan:) (I'm probably boring you with this nonsense, so I will move on:) BUT seriously, 13 is my lucky number, our numbers for growth in the year 2009 are impressive and I am eligible to enter! How amazing is that?!

Plus not to mention, Bijou was already in Nails magazine, and I'm hoping for another feature in another great magazine, or two!