Thursday, January 14, 2010

And she drove from Ithaca to get her hair done!

Here is a client who drove all the way from Ithaca!

She has naturally curly hair, wearing it natural or straightened sometimes. There was a lot of discombobulation from her previous cut (hence the reason for driving all the way out here:) and her goal is to get all these crazy layers grown out. Our goal with the color was to bring it close to her natural level with some natural blonde highlights, so that this busy mom didn't have to rush right back when her roots started showing. (It's very hard with the lighting and camera to see the actual before color, it was a very ashy dark blonde with very very pale outgrown highlights, the end result was a warmer base, because warmth reflects more light than an ashy color and golden highlights, my client had flecks of gold in her eyes, so it was stunning!)

The greatest thing about this whole appointment was that she found us by our website and then after looking at our pictures, she made an appointment and was super happy when she left! It was also fun, because they made a family trip out of it, and while she was sitting there I told her all the fun things that her husband and two kids could do while she was getting done, (Creekside bookstore, the community center, Johnny angels or the bakery for lunch) so she called them on the cell phone and they headed straight to the creekside! I love sharing Skaneateles with people from out of town, there are so many great things to do!

Before and after