Monday, January 11, 2010

Comments I had missed from our Bijou website, but have no worries, I won't miss them ever again!

Just the other day I had a horrible revelation...I had an entire email address that was linked my webpage comment section that I was not aware of. It was linked to the part where it says leave us a comment on our webpage. Thanks God I found it...even though some comments and questions were from 2007! I went back and tried to answer all 150+ emails, if I didn't get back to you, please forgive me and leave another comment, now that I am aware of the address I am right on top of it:)

I happened upon it, because I have Lori's husband who owns a company called Codemunkey's that does website designs. So he is going to make our new website really cool! AND we will be adding a feature that can let you book your appointment online, how great is that!?!?! This would be a great option for me, because I cannot tell you how many times I think about making an appointment for myself, whether it be a car appt, a dentist appt, a pet name it, but when I have time to think about it...they are closed! So I end up waiting for so long! I really hope it works and is worthwhile..I will give it a couple of months to see how well we like it! Exciting things in Twenty Ten!!

So here are some of the lovely comments from clients, Thank you for leaving us one, feedback helps us so much!


I just wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoyed my experience at your salon last week. I really loved the vibrant personality of your staff and found everyone to be just so kind and welcoming. I felt as though I was among friends at your salon.
I especially loved my haircut and even how my eyebrow waxing turned out (Thank you, Linda)! To me a great haircut is not how it looks when you leave the salon, but how it looks after you attempt to style it on your own the next day. I have received a ton of compliments on my new style and I make sure to tell everyone where to go for their next haircut. It was a long drive for me to visit your salon, but it was well worth it. See you again soon! Thank you! Cayla Yakey
Congratulations on your write up in Nails Magazine!! I'm reading you in South Dakota.
Hello Ms. Baker, Your website is beautiful...I have the same color scheme!!! I live in Chicago and am in the process of opening my own little nail spa. I am curious...what salon software, credit card merchant do you utilize for your company? I am gathering information as to which software would benefit me the most. Thank you, Demetria Dobbins
Had an appt with Stacy yesterday and she was fantastic!
Hi Kim: I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you are doing with your salon. The girls that you have hired, the atmosphere, the warmth, the friendliness is all a reflection of you. Sarah and I really enjoyed ourselves last night. Thanks, Beth
Beth Cichostepski
Hi Bijou-

Courtney and company took care of my and my attendants for my May 23rd wedding. If anyone is interested, you can access wedding pictures at the following website:

Thanks for everything. It was a great day and a great way to start it!

~Amie (Richardson) Stewart

Looking forward to seeing the renovations. Hayley & I are officially addicted to your salon - however, last Sunday the bath bombs were missing because of the new sink so I'll have to stock up when I see sam in April! Take care Margaret Ireland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Please add me!! I just love Bijou!!!

Happy New Year Kim!
Thanks for getting back to me. I really have enjoyed my cut. It is definitely on par with the Deva cuts I received in their salons and I had a great experience at Bijou. I'm at a point now where the bangs are getting too long and the sides too heavy. I'll call to make an appointment here soon. :)
I looked at your entire blog. It's beautiful! And it was fun to find Mimi in it too. Have a great Sunday! Elisabeth
Hi Kim,
Your website is AMAZING. You are extremely talented.
Suzie Ryan