Monday, December 7, 2009

Another press piece, first a magazine, now another famous blog ;)

Hey! Do you know what Skaneateles Talk is?? (click on any highlighted words and this magic of internet will take you there!) Well it's a blog, like the one your reading, except its all about 'everything your mother never told you about Skaneateles', I've always like reading it and just recently they were able to hire John Turner who is a very talented writer from the Skaneateles Journal. He is doing a feature each week, called a day in the life. The first person he featured was our very own talented Dusty Pascal and his family! I had just finished reading it when Chris from Skaneateles Talk told me they would like to feature me next!

I LOVE what he wrote, everything was so perfectly said and truly that is a day in my life, it's not so hard, I've got it pretty easy:) However, I would like to say (because I know my family, especially my Mother and Father will be sure to mention;) I most certainly do not jump out of bed at 7am, it's a known fact in my family that mornings really HATE me and since I don't fancy coffee all that often, they can sometimes be brutal...I laughed when I was telling John Turner that I set my alarm at 7am purposely so that I could snooze it at least 4 times, he gallantly made it sound like I jumped out of bed at 7, ready for the day...My kids and Thomas are still laughing outloud!

I really cannot wait to see who else they feature and I think that they should make a book...I've seen sites where they can turn blogs into books, now that I'd buy!

Thanks again John for writing such a nice piece about moi, and thanks to Skaneateles Talk for thinking of me!


Christine Briel said...

Now, THAT's an idea :) Make a book out of the blog stories. I will keep that bee in my bonnet. I like that one. I think I hear John Turner writing up the contract now - LOL