Saturday, December 5, 2009

Look how cute these handmade felt knitted purses are!

These purses are just too cute! Great for anyone! They are hand knitted from stretched felt. The person who makes them is selling them for $35, can you believe it? AND we've decided that a portion of it will go to the Spafford Ecumenical food pantry. Gail (who is the artist) works at the school here, she also works with all the outreach groups, food pantries in town, etc. And when we were deciding what to do with a portion of the proceeds, I asked what place needed it the most? She said Spafford did! I did not know they even had one there. I was SO excited and asked her after we sold them all could we actually go to ALDI and buy the stuff ourselves and bring it there?? She said we could, and I'm such a dork, I'm waiting till we sell the other 6 (we had 12 and already sold half of them!!:) so we can go buy shopping carts of food! How fun is that!?

For some reason this green one is my favorite!

And this one too!

I'm lying...actually I love them ALL!