Sunday, October 25, 2009

Someone adorable donates to Locks of love!

Here is Miss E, another young girl with a beautiful "mane", ("E" loves horses, so pun intended:) sacrificing it for another young girl somewhere out there that needs her "mane" more than she does!
For as long as I have known "E", she has had these long beautiful locks, she wears them straight, curly or however, but normally never gets more than a couple inches off. It's a truly unselfish act when you are a teen and are willing to donate your to oh so important and sometimes scary to lose! I know for me, when I was a teen, it was my identity...(okay I grew up in the 80's, so bear with me..) I was know for my lions mane..or "Bon Jovi hair"...I wonder if at that time if they had Locks of love...would I have donated my hair? I'm not sure...I may have not been as brave and unselfish as "E"!

Don't you love the purple streak!? She got it right here at Bijou! Yep, we do everything fact, look here tomorrow, we even do "monster" hair!
There she is, I love it when girls get their pony tails cut off, you can almost feel the energy when their holding it...they know it is now out of their hands and onto a place to make some young girl's life a little easier!

I wish I had taken a picture of the pictures "E" was a perfect match! Courtney did a fantastic job!

So there you have the finished look, doesn't she look like a totally different kid!? From former middle high schooler, in one cut! What a transformation!

Thanks "E" for letting us do the honors!

And as always, at Bijou, when you donate your hair, we donate our time, The haircut if free!