Monday, October 26, 2009

The 200th post AND the bride of frankenstein needs her "do" done!

As I was clicking...create a new post...I realized it's my 200Th post...that is 200 times that I stayed up late writing something! Can I say, I really love it, it's an outlet, it's a way to share, it's a really fun thing to do. Since then I've started blogs for a few other people and if anyone wants to do one, (they are especially great for families far away and easy to do) come in...I will give you a little tutorial and you'll be doing it in no is so simple!

So the reason for the post, was my good friend, who happens to currently be the bride of Frankenstein...the modern day Frankenstein of course;) needed her hair done! At Bijou, everyone is welcome...even monsters...See what we created, with a lot of teasing...a lot of hairspray...and a little white angora yarn..SO soft!

This hair definitely needs to be raised!! 1-2 feet to be exact!

My masterpiece of the year!!!