Monday, October 19, 2009

If you're wondering...Bijou Salon can decorate a porta potty!

I asked a little while ago, how do you make a porta potty pretty? I wasn't completely confident that I, even with a little help could do it....Well I should've known...with a little help, anything can be done! Here's how you do it!!
1.) Ask 2 of the best engineers you know, to strategically wrap the porta potty, taking away the dimpled blue, green or gray exterior. Make sure you give them a couple of hours to work, afterall it will be perfect! (Thanks Thomas and Uncle Mikey!)

2.) Go to the party store, target clearence (rug $5) and the craft store. On the shopping list (thanks to Shelly's brilliant idea) Aqua paper plates, paint, gems, ribbon...and a bonus find of chocolate and aqua polka dotted table cloth for $2! OH and how could I forget...Duct tape!!!

3.) Ask your artist friend, (aka Mrs. Godsend herself) to help you beautify something else in Chocolate and Aqua colors. (Make sure the she does not pass out from clean scented fumes in porta potty!) When brainstorming for what the front would say, laugh hysterically when she suggests RELIEVE, relax and rejuvenate...instead of what it says on the relaxation room...REVIVE, relax and rejuvenate...(that laughing part was EASY!) (Thanks Shelly!)

4.) Make sure the french music and our signature paper lanterns in Bijou colors are hung..with duct tape of course!

5.) Be a cheerleader for all the other porta potty creators! Borrow scissors and lend ladders to all the rest! We loved seeing all the different ideas, the whole thing was hysterical!

6.) Stand by the portable toilette and take a picture! There you have it! After cold fingers, and a few hours, the porta potty is no longer grey, it's beautiful as Bijou Salon! (No matter what we did though, it didn't smell as good as the real Bijou:)

Here is one of our first customers walking through...the awards were Judges choice and peoples choice. The judges choice went to Jenny and Claire from The dealer car shop in town...theirs was soo awesome, well thought and expertly executed! The people's choice award.....


Here is the oh so cute, Go to girl, Erin Sammut! I loved her face when she saw what everyone had done! Priceless!