Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haven't you heard...Bijou is known for their princess haircuts...

Here is our little friend Leah! She is so pretty don'tcha think?? Do you see her kitty cat ears?? She's a hoot!

A little wild her hair was, a bit like Rapunzel......Leah sat patiently while her Mommy got a haircut and wax done...and then it was her turn!!! The requested haircut? can you guess which princess she asked for??

Why Snow White of course!!!

I think Leah is pretty darn happy with her new "Snow White" haircut! And I do know for a fact that everyone who was at Bijou during her haircut, was as tickled pink as she was:) Kid's always make your heart smile!


Anonymous said...

That's my "Little Princess".....I love it! Grandma Clark