Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kid's at Bijou

So I have a new b/f/f!

Her name is Chloe!

Anyone who ever says compliments will get you nowhere....have a little munchkin give you a compliment like Chloe gave me...then you'll be saying exactly what I said..."Kid, compliments will get you everywhere!"

Chloe: "This is so relaxing..."
Me: "What is?"
Chloe: "Getting my haircut and having my hair combed."
Me: "Aww Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!"
Chloe: "Who's the boss here anyway?"
Me: " I am!"
Chloe: "Oh, but you're really pretty to be a boss."
Me: "Awwww Chloe, you can have anything you want in here, can I take you home with me, will you be my new best friend and tell me things like that everyday!?"
Chloe: "Sure, you are really pretty"

So this came at the most perfect time, after my computer crashing, my blow dryer making a ridiculous noise, the motion detector detecting a spider or something late last night (good news is the Skaneateles police dept, now knows exactly what Bijou is!!) Linda giving the back of the salon a nice hose down and having the third person show up thinking they had an appt, only to have to tell them that the crash from the computer has lost their appt, THIS truly made my day brighter! Thanks Chloe!