Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Milfoil monster, here we come!!!

I cannot believe it, this milfoil monster is really a big pain!!!!

First we see the big giant prints at our door, trying to get a mani or pedi, as he says on his twitter...the big green monster actually had the nerve to try to get a mani or pedi at Bijou, that is so shocking to me!

If he peeks in our window, he will see, we are not fans of his, he is not welcome in our lake, nor is he welcome in our lovely little salon...Although, we could do a nice trimming, that is true, it is very enticing, yet we do not service monsters, no way, nuh huh! We have a bright green lovely box sitting in our waiting room, waiting for change to support the fight against milfoil! Won't you join us, just drop your extra change and help fight this nasty weed!

This is so exciting, while adding a link to this nasty beast, I just realized there is a contest, a HUNT! I love contests, I love hunts! WHO wants to join me?!?!?!? Get your own team or join ours! Read all about it here!

Join the Fight!

You may have heard him slithering down Genesee Street late at night. Maybe you have even seen his fluorescent green footprints on the sidewalk.


The Milfoil Monster, that’s who!

It is time to stop this green menace from terrorizing our community! Grab your torches…and let the hunt begin!

We need your help to capture Milford in a Labor Day scavenger hunt! Here’s how you can hunt the Milfoil Monster…

1. Grab a group of your friends or family up to six people

2. Click here

3. Click on “Make your own fundraising page for Tri County Skaneateles Lake Pure Water Association”

4. Make your own, cool page and tell the world why you want your Lake to be milfoil-free

5. E-mail your page to everyone you know, post it on your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…. Post it anywhere and everywhere you can think of...and start raisin’ some moolah!

The team that raises the most money and the team that captures Milford at the scavenger hunt both win a Skaneateles Family Fun Basket

....filled with a Midlakes Navigation Lunch Cruise, a Bluewater Grill gift certificate, a Mark’s Pizza gift certificate, Milford the Milfoil Monster t-shirts, goodies from Imagine and Green Mountain Coffee…and many, many other fantastic prizes! Remember…. Keep an eye out for that sneaky, green Monster… you never know where he may be lurking!

I do believe his days are numbered! HA!