Friday, January 16, 2009

Michele wanted a Cadillac!

Remember not tooo long ago when our very own Courtney Conley wanted a convertible?!?!

Well not long after, our very own Michele Zeppieri kept saying she wanted a Cadillac!

I personally thought she found a new car she liked and was talking about that ;) haha, well I kinda knew what she was talking about, but it kept getting funnier and funnier...have I mentioned we have a lot of fun at Bijou?

So she and Kimberlee got together late one night and Kimberlee gave Michele her famous convertible (the Cadillac kind I should say!) and Michele touched up Kimberlee's famous locks! I should have had a movie camera, I can't give details, but it was funny! I stayed just for the entertainment aspect of it:)

So here are the results....If you come see her, Michele now has Jet Black on one side, totally hidden if she wants...and on the other side, vibrant (like her) Red!....again the photos don't do it justice, so if you are really curious, you should just stop in for a look:) Michele is our evening girl, so she is here from 3:30 to 8, sometimes 9pm!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, imagine a lot of fun going on!

And just so we don't leave out Kimberlee, here she is with her color finished, as always, it's perfect and looks fabulous on her!!