Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where to go, what to do, where to shop.....

The CousCous Royalle
The Banana filled crepes with Chocolate sauce...


I love to talk, especially about what I love! When I find someone or something that I love, I could TALK about it till the cows come home! When I find a product, or a service that I love....I am your best advertiser. I do think this is true for most least all the girls at Bijou, I find it to be true! We will all talk about something we love all day and by the end of the week, the product is the shelf, or for restaurants, no reservations available!

I think it would be fun to add to our blog our favorite places...a bit like the thing I love from Skaneateles suites blog, the "secret places" they too are very convincing about things they love:)

So my first recommendation's will have to be Joelle's Bistro...I can tell you that Thomas, who was born and raised in France, has been very disappointed in French cuisine here, his biggest complaint is the small portions and little towers of food...this is the cuisine they eat in Paris, it is NOT what normal french people eat...(so he says:) The first time we went to Joelle's...he asked if the couscous was real couscous...and if the duck confit was real duck confit. Alain said yes, Joelle makes it herself...Thomas was drooling from the moment he said that until our meal came....we both left wanting to sing to the world that Joelle's was the best!! (we are not the only ones, read these reviews!) And in the four years he has been here, it is the only restaurant that he prefers! Everyone that I suggest to go there, comes back with the same feeling that we's perfection, every taste bud on your tongue will thank you!

When you walk through the doors, you never feel like you are just visiting a restaurant, you feel as though you have stepped into your French relatives house and they are ready to feed you. The whole experience is a wonderful treat and well worth it! So stop procrastinating and stop passing that little bistro on the way to the route 695, make a reservation and visit Joelle and Alain, trust me, you'll be saying...what everyone else says..."ooh you were so right!!"