Monday, September 15, 2008

Skaneateles Journal wrote about us!

To read the awesome article written about us, click here!

It was such a pleasure to sit and answer the questions from John, (and SO easy, although I do sometimes have the gift of gab:) I had met him at different times, with Dylan's Odyssey of the mind team, to name one. I was so pleased when I read the article. And quite happy that the beautiful Kimberlee was featured in the photo page, with only my hair and nose visible while I was hard at work, making Jennifer D. into a new women! (sometimes I make strange faces while concentrating;)

Thank you John for a great article and although the last sentence was lost somewhere, you wrote it so perfectly that I knew just what you were going to finish it with:) Now do stop in for that pedicure someday:) Men really do that, don'tcha know;)

We are so very fortunate and downright lucky! Read our other reviews I happened to find while searching for this article! Click here, here and here! Thank you!