Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Skaneateles Press...read all about it!

The Skaneateles Press stopped in about a week ago, I had the pleasure of talking to Miranda, who asked me some questions and hung in there while I was juggling the phone, greeting clients and getting the kids ready for soccer.

I love what she wrote! I really had no idea what to expect, because at the moment she came in, things started bustling:) in a good way of course:)

Here is what she wrote or you can click here to check it out on CNYLINK!


Bijou Salon celebrates first anniversary

Miranda L. Pennock 09/23/08

For 14 years Kim Baker has been coloring, cutting and styling hair at various salons. It wasn’t until last year that she finally felt that the timing was right to open her own business.
“Each place I worked at I collected ideas about what worked really great and what didn’t,” Baker said.
Though she had considered owning her own salon for a while, it just wasn’t the right time until August 2007 when she finally took the advice and support of friends and family and took her keen business sense on a new adventure.
Within a month of saying yes to the space behind Bella Blue Boutique, Bijou, located at 6 Jordan St. in Skaneateles, was prepped, painted and staffed.
“It came about really suddenly,” Baker said. “It was definitely the right timing.”
Bijou and its employees celebrated their one-year anniversary on Sept. 4. Since opening, the salon has seen the addition of several staff members and expanded quite a bit in terms of product lines and services, Baker said. The salon that began with the owner and one employee manning styling stations, now touts seven stylists aside from Baker and an array of services.
Each stylist researches the latest in colors and styles, among other services to pamper their customers, and Baker attends many conferences with her employees so they can continue to evolve as professionals in their field.
Often, ideas come not only from conferences but from clients who have either been having their hair done by Baker for many years or new clients who started coming to Bijou after its opening.
Stylist Courtney Conley has been working on hair for 10 years, and it’s something that is ingrained in her. Her mother has been a stylist for 36 years, she said.
“It’s something I picked up from her,” Conley said. “I absolutely love it.”
She said one of the enjoyable aspects of her job is the relaxing atmosphere she has to work in, which is a benefit to the employees and clients — like Sheila Kelly who has been making appointments for her hair at Bijou for about a year.
“I love it,” Kelly remarked.
Chocolate brown, turquoise and silver paint on the walls and mirrors and fixtures to accent the colors help to bring about a peaceful feeling as clients sit in one of four styling chairs.
Though she had heard many different opinions about owning a business, Baker said she knows she can juggle a few things at once, which has helped to make her successful. It just feels good to have her own business, she said. Helping her out on the money end of the business, Baker’s partner and boyfriend, Thomas Bringas, an engineer, handles the books so she can focus on the many other facets of the business.
“I can’t say that I’ve ever had one day that I’ve said, ‘Ugh, why did I do this?” Baker said.

Miranda L. Pennock/ Bijou stylist Courtney Conley works on client Sheila Kelly’s hair during a recent trip to the salon. Bijou recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.