Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Are you a straight shooter or curl lover" by Courtney Conley

Ok I see I caught your attention!!
I have two new services to add to the Bijou menu. One is called "Cold Smoothing System", this service is for people who are crazy about their curls but want more control and less frizz. The other is "Thermal Retexturizing" for people who have curly hair and yet are dreaming of silky smooth hair.

The pictures you have viewed is a client that wanted straighter, more manageable hair. We decided on a NEW SERVICE called Thermal Re-texturizing System (aka Japanese Straightening).

After the service was completed she decided to do a new style. When she was leaving the salon she couldn't stop smiling "it was the first time in her whole life it was completely straight". She later called back because the product line I used, makes a 1/2 inch flat iron that works great at the root area when the curl starts to grow back and wanted me to order one for her.

The time and price are determined by your hair texture and length. Please call or stop in to make a complementary consultation with me! I will add more pictures as I continue providing these services. Hope to see you soon! Courtney