Sunday, August 10, 2008

"With Fall Just Around The Corner" OPI launches New Fall Nail Polish Collection

La Collection De France is on its way to Bijou Salon!!!

The French have a word for it- Chic.

A combination of style, elegance and confidence, it is at the heart of fashion for fall 2008.

The new colors are:

"Louvre Me , Louver Me Not" (royal purple)
"Parlez-vous OPI?" (smokey purple)
"You Don't Know Jacques!"(trendy taupe)
"Tickle My Fance-y"(a naughty shade of nude)
"Bastille My Heart"(rich burgundy)
"I'am Fondue of You" (milk chocolate)
"A Oui Bit of RED"(brilliant red)
"We'll Always Have Paris"(rich coffee shade)
"Eiffel for This Color"(deep wine)
"Baguette Me Not"(swirl of cinnamon)
"Crepes Suzi-ette"(warm carmel)...AND...
"Yes.....I Can- CAN (a rich eggplant)