Wednesday, August 13, 2008

keratin complex

The above picture is the "before", the client had just gotten her hair colored and blow dryed, her natural state is a wavy/curly with a tendency to frizz.

The after pictures are above, the feeling is wonderful, if only through the internet you could touch and feel something...But let me tell you, take it from me, it feels fabulous!

This will be our first documentation of how it looks, these pictures are from the first day, check back with us on Friday when J comes in to get her first wash and blow dry, we are supposed to do the first washing with the special shampoo. Our plan is to document with a photo every other week how J's hair looks. Oohh, so exciting:) Oh one other thing, check out to see if J cuts her hair, with her new texture, she is thinking of going for a shorter cut!!

Here is what is supposed to happen:

The hair is prepped for the procedure with a special shampoo and dried.

The special keratin solution (which smells like coconut suntan oil) is applied thoroughly but sparingly from scalp to ends.

The solution is allowed to set and then is dried into the hair.

A screaming hot flat iron is used to meticulously smooth and polish each strand.

That’s it. You go home with straight hair and don’t wash it (or pin/clip it) for 72 hours.

The treatment lasts 3-5 months and will slowly return you r hair to its original condition.

We imagine that it it grows out and ages off at about the same rate, so we don’t anticipate an obvious regrowth of curly hair at the scalp like traditional relaxers.