Friday, December 9, 2011

Marketing, making sense of it!

I have a secret weapon.

And you know what? Because I share really well, am a nice person and it makes me super happy to help people! While, I have definitely helped people in the past and somewhat regretted it..nah, not really, because I try not to have regrets and just learn from the "mistakes" I've made. What is a world without making mistakes? Okay, yes, it's late, I digress when I am sleepy!

Okay so marketing. I had a friend who went to college for marketing, I remember asking her if it was fun. IT SOUNDED SO BORING! I remember thinking the only benefit would be working for a big company and being able to wear a suit. What can I say? Suits in the early 90's were cool, especially hounds tooth...Okaaay, digressing...

SO marketing, when I first started my business and even in businesses that I worked for before, I always had ideas and would tell them. Even offer to do them for the owners, eh, but nobody really was interested. Maybe I was bad at pitching them or they just didn't want me helping, I have no idea. BUT obviously, I should say a little thank you to my guardian angel watching over me that they tossed my ideas aside. Or else this little blog may be named something's all about everything happening for a reason! (yes, I know I'm beginning to digress. Believe it or not, I really am trying very hard to stay on track:)

Okay, so I just went about promoting my business in ways that would make me myself look at other businesses. I am good at observing, I do pay attention, I'm creative, I genuinely care, I have passion and I have a wicked good memory. ALL very helpful traits for a good marketing person!

I remember the first full year of opening my business, I started right away with my blog (here was the very first post) and internet researching. These things I enjoyed and found to be fascinating. Guess what, I had NO freaking idea that I was marketing my salon. No clue, I was just doing. Someone actually had to say to me, "You are really good at marketing your salon", for me to realize..OH, I was marketing? Well thank you, (still scratching my head, is fun??) So, Without a lot of intent, I just did what felt right. I only did what I enjoyed and I have to say, I LOVE marketing. I would market other people for free. WELL I do, things that I LOVE, I could convince everyone and anyone to go there, use them, buy name it.

So are you wondering what my secret weapon for 2012 will be, gosh should I tell? Hehe, yes of course I will...It's my marketing BFF!

Oh and guess what, she also inspires me to blog, it's like magic, I'm mentioned in her blog. And the little voice (who coincidentally speaks with an accent:) in my head (Oh please, we all have them..right?;) blog blog. But seriously, don't all good friends do that. My closest friends that I hold dear, they inspire me, I know I have inspired them, that's what real friends do. Even friends that you have never met. The girl who named my shop..never met her in real life, we just were blogging friends, I knew she was creative, we talked about books, I consider her a friend. My favorite editor in chief...never met her (BUT I WILL BE SOON:), but consider her a friend. Sigh, yes different from years ago, this whole internet world has changed many things, but embrace it. Everything happens for a reason, ya know!? ;)