Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas elves...

In my next life, I want to be one of Santa's elves. For real.

Well as I am typing this, it's silly, everyone can be a little elf! There are lots of things you & I can do. I know people, tons of people that I love and think the world of. I have always admired nice people and selfless people. They make the world go around. I have nice and kind people all around me, woven through my life. It makes me feel rich in friends and the quality of them! I'm grateful and will always be grateful!
Okay so let me explain why I am posting about Christmas elves and secret missions. It's all very exciting and I almost missed the boat on that. I was told by one of the front desk girls, who was very excited to tell me btw, that someone who read our blog had been inspired by one of our posts about random acts of kindness. She had told me that this person had a friend who had something very sad happen in her life. She wanted to surprise her with a secret elf presents for her and her family. She chose Bijou to be her present. I was so touched when I heard just those details. And we were all excited to be a part of this random act of kindness/secret elf mission.

Then things got busy. Can I just say an amen to my front desk girls. Oh my, they are the backbone of our salon. They really work hard at keeping things running smooth. Our front desk girl took care of it immediately and felt good to be a part of it. Me too!

Then I was lucky. This person (the Christmas elf, doing Xmas magic) reached out in email to me, (probably the best way, because when I read my emails, I am home relaxing and my head is clear(ish:) She told me the whole story and knew I would want to do something. She was right, I certainly do. And what an angel on earth to think of something to do, we all do that, we all have great intentions. But to actually follow through, at this busy time of the year. Well that is heartwarming.

In 2012, my friends here and friends from far, friends I know really well and friends I don't know too well. All of them have inspired me to always act on my thoughts of random acts of kindness. Do! Not just think. Do!

2012 will be a great year, people are good. Sure there are stinkers out there, but good still outweighs the stinkers:) Angels are everywhere, this I know to be true:)