Monday, October 24, 2011

Bijou was noticed, from half way across the country!

Imagine my surprise when I was checking my emails for Facebook and saw one that said, your marketing Bff posted a link about you. Of course I was curious...Who was my marketing Bff? I clicked on the link that said congrats you were featured in our latest blog post! And got to read the nicest, most complimentary posts about me. I was so delighted!

So lets back up a little bit, I've been blogging for several years, I read LOTS of blogs and I'm always inspired by people. I have been featured once before on my dearest friend Shelly's blog, where she wrote how she stepped outside of her creative box and helped me so much designing Bijou. And that made me so excited too, but THIS lovely girl, I don't even know. She is a marketing genius, because now I will have my eye on her and what she will be posting and already have read some of her posts. One of my favorites was this one about good gossip! But I also really related to this one.

I love blogs in general. I typically feel indulgent when I read them, I love to read, so they are my little short stories I can dive into. Sometimes I have to tear myself away from them. BUT when they are business related AND enjoyable to read and entertaining as well, I feel less indulgent and more doing what I am supposed to be doing;) .

When things are more story like and make sense, I can remember and recall them later when needed. Does that make any sense to anyone else but me? Probably not. The bottom line is, that because I feel like this is a friend giving advice, and not a dull reading book, it works for me!

Isn't the internet great for all these things, I mean really, 10 years ago, no one from Arizona would have been able to hear about, a little gem of a salon, clear across the country in upstate New York. Let alone would we have been able to connect.

Thank you Tana for writing such a nice post complimenting my marketing attempts. Coming from you, I take it as a very high compliment.