Monday, August 15, 2011

Very "Pin"terest - ing!

Oh my did I find a tool that is changing the salon and consultations! We've always talked about taking old magazines, clipping favorite styles, looks, color inspirations...We're always talking about recipes with clients, but Oh where did we see that, darn it, should have clipped it! BUT seriously, who has the time to get scissor out, clip them, glue them or stick them into a book. It was a great concept I had at a meeting, but we just never had the time to do it. good friend turned me on to THIS. And now, it's so simple, literally takes seconds and we can collect all our pinned items here. So don't be surprised, if the next time you come in and have told us in the past, like Donna Adamo just did, "Next time I come in Sam, I'm all yours, you can do whatever you want, I'm in your hands!" (She said she has never done that with a stylist:) SO, from that appointment until her next ap
pointment, Sam has been collecting looks for her, color options, cut options and she will have her own special board!

So the concept is this, a virtual bulletin board, with different categories that you create. Please take a look and for goodness sake, make your own pinteresting board, if you need an invitation, reply back, it seems that is the quickest way, as if you ask for your own, there is a bit of a waiting list!

Have fun, browsing at ours, and it changes every day! If you need a tutorial, feel free to come in and I'll sit down with you and teach you:)