Thursday, August 11, 2011

New and familiar faces...

Okay, I do solemnly swear to give an update on each girl. BUT since it's summer and we can hardly breath..(Thankful for that btw:) I will start with names first, hopefully this will suffice until we can get proper introductions in case you have not met these lovely girls yet!

Starting in the back row from left to right: Kara, Miranda, Amanda, Christina, Kim (Moi) and Courtney
Front row, left to right: Taylor, Lori, Samantha and Jolene (yes I want to sing Dolly Parton's hit too;)

Great crew, along with our new full time front desk coordinator Andrea (Grandinetti) Brzostek, and part time Ellen and Tammy!

Shiney new faces, some old familiar faces..All happy and striving for one common thing, to be the best at what we do!