Thursday, January 20, 2011

The process of growing one's hair out..

So growing the hair out, can be a difficult process, (not for the faint hearted) especially if you really love, I mean LOVE short textured hair! But when you are a Mother, you sometimes listen to your kids..especially a very sweet son, who loves his Mom's hair longer. My client and I have been growing and cutting over at least..a decade..could it be longer..well wow, it must be, because my youngest son's name I heard from her, and he is 11..I do believe my gal here is one of my first clients, oh we go way back!

So once before, she achieved a long layered type bob, but that required her giving me up for at least a year..yep I had not seen her for over a year..wondered where she disappeared to, couldn't wait to see what fabulous style she was sporting and what someone else came up with to do her hair..and when she came in..I was confused..was this the same person..;)..I think she must have not looked into the mirror for an entire year.

I love her hair, period! It's great fine hair..fine hair is coercible, you have the possibility to make it do what YOU want! I love it, taking the razor to her hair is just like dancing in the's fun! After the long bob'ish hairstyle, she chopped it all that was crazy fun!

She has kept it short for quite some time, then recently, maybe around Thanksgiving or Halloween, was saying..."achhh, maybe I'll try growing it again!"...(didn't sound too convincing to me, but I was game;) We decided to try another tactic...rather than growing it out all over, we would keep cutting the bottom, letting the top and sides catch up, then growing it. It's worked in the past, it's really the best way to grow out hair..sans mullet is always a great plan!

"BUT it's tooo much hair!!" she says...I knew it ;) Tonight, we razored, texturized, knotched and fringed the whole head of long'ish hair (long'ish for her;) AND here is the result!! Tell me this is not a fabulous cut and you all dream of having it! I know I do!!

So please enjoy the fabulous hair photo's below, takes 5 minutes to dry, looks different every time..SO much character, I love it! We applied some Bumble and bumble Bb.gel (click on that, it takes you to a FUN place with a cool video!) We blowdryed with the fingers, stretching, tugging and pulling the hair into place and we finished with some SUMOTECH! (click and learn, friends!) VOILA! Great hair that is easy to do!

Hair done by Kim
Fabulous genes provided by E's Mother and Father!