Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photo shoot at Bijou

We love working with photographers...I think professional photos make all the difference in the world for websites, press material, etc. I have also heard from our professional photographers that our services, (makeup and style) makes all the difference in their world for senior portraits and weddings! (LOVED hearing that!) Don't worry, we'll be having a senior style and make-up special when that time comes around!!

We have a few favorite Photographers that we are partial to at Bijou. (we've met many wonderful photographers, these are the ones we know extra special good:) Click on their names to check out their work. They always impress us and have us dreaming to be inside of their camera's! Both of them do the most amazing children photographs too! The last guy on my list is the great Jim Scherzi (he photographs food, architectural stuff and more food..all the Wegman's frozen food..his studio is cool!), he helped me win the 2010 salon of the year - salon of distinction. He did me a huge favor and for that I'm grateful..didn't even know the guy before he did it:)

Carol DiSalvo
Laure Lillie
Jim Scherzi

We'll be taking another group photo at our next team meeting in February, in this picture some girls are missing and one girl no longer works with us at Bijou (Michele). We are missing Summer, Sommayeh, Amanda and our new girl coming in a few weeks Andrea. That is going to be a lot of girls:)