Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gold stars!

While I was doing some marketing research online...aka searching for whatever is Bijou in Skaneateles. Always good to keep up on that:) I found the cutest wedding site that had some lovely reviews about us, I can't believe I never saw them and really I wish someone would come up with a system on alerting businesses of reviews. Normally a client will write me after a visit and tell me, "I loved you guys so much, I went _____ to review you!" Then I can find it, but these were like finding cookies in the back of the cupboard! SCORE!

Reviews to us are like gold stars on the charts at school. We all love them and are extremely grateful for them! At the bottom of this post, I will leave some links to sites that you can leave us a review, while we do our fair share of advertising, your recommendation is the best thing you can do for us! Plus it gives us lots of steam to continue what we are doing! (feel free to click on any one of the sites and follow the simple instructions and leave a review for us:)

If you know of anyone getting married, this is a great site! Check them out! And take a look at our stellar reviews!

Leave a review for us HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE


Michele McIntyre said...

Hi Kim - You've probably already thought of this, but you can set up a Google Alert to notify you whenever Bijou is mentioned online. It's quite easy once you have a Google account set up - and you can designate frequency for notifications, quality of notifications and what you'd like to be alerted to.

I'd be happy to walk you through the process if you're not already using the feature. And congrats on all the newly found stellar reviews.

Happy New Year, Michele McIntyre
Freelance spa, travel and wellness writer

Bijou salon said...

Hi Michele! I do have those set up, but I went a little crazy with them last year and have so many alerts, I must have missed the reviews. Well could I make one for Bijou reviews..??... I don't think I have one for that, maybe that's my problem:)
Thanks for the advice and Happy New Year!