Monday, January 17, 2011

Bijou's first Baby is born...

Juliana Grace has made her way into the world! She weighs 7 lbs 12 oz. 20 in. long. dark hair and perfect!
Of course, I had dibs...My oh my, I really wanted to hold that baby girl!

Crouse Hospital had a lovely hallway to walk was entering in to baby land..I'll take a pink one!
Our girl Taylor was a little nervous, can you believe that she has never held a real newborn!?

But look, she did just fine!

Welcome Juliana Grace, you are as beautiful as your little sister and Mama!

For Sam's clients, she is doing very well, everything went fine and she is on the road to recovery to get back to Bijou!

Watch out, because the babies inside the bellies at Bijou were conspiring to be born one day after eachother, playmates for life! Tomorrow we'll see pictures of Baby boy Jett. But tonight, it's Juliana's time to shine!