Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...

We've become a member of the Bumble and Bumble family!

After much consideration, a lengthy list of Pros and Cons..and a deal from Bb that we could not refuse..(Thank you Sean Muse - Director of Business Development for Bb) We have our brand new catchy looking Bb shelves stocked, we are setting our date for the launch party and are choosing carefully which stylists will be attending the BbUniversity along with me! This ride will be an exciting one! Joining the culture of Bb will be very rewarding indeed!

Our #1 priority in 2011 is education, education, education! At Bijou we have so many opportunities this year, (Eufora foundations 3 day journey, Sojourn with the best of Sassoon educators, Kim Vo's team) simply with the best of the best. The opportunities are the "pinch me" type! In all honesty this whole journey has been a "pinch me" journey!

Thank you for helping us get where we are today, these opportunities would not be as easy to get had it not been for loyal clients enabling us to grow into the salon we have grown into! Your recommendations and faith in us, coupled with your feedback to help us change what is not working, will make it easy for us to get better and better! Just for you:)