Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bijou to the rescue and Merry Christmas too!

I have loved blogs for..oh about 7 years! I've had one of my own for about 4 years..and then my business blog for 2+ years. AND I read plenty, and share with my friends who have never heard about blogs, all the ones I adore!

I've pretty much lost time to read many blogs, usually I catch up quickly about once a month, trying to touch base with my old time favorites. Lately, I read 3 religiously..My "soul sister", my "royal friends" and my "new friend" (that I actually have not spent much time with, but feel like I know her and her daughters oh so well...that's a blog for you, they're amazing:)

It's exciting to be written about in another persons blog, it gives you a funny feeling, something you look at everyday, read each story and then..wait...that's me in that story! Blogs are stories, whatever kind of stories, everyone should have one:)

Cindy's daughter had a little hair emergency, so she blogged about it:) I told her, yippee skippee, I can use your blog post on my, saves me for doing one...(it's my new years resolution for 2x per week, and drink more water, should be simple enough:)

Please click here to read her story and really browse around, you'll fall in love with her writing just as I have:) But if she has open slots for extended family, I get dibs first!

OH yes, and Merry Christmas to you all and to all a goodnight!


drooz studio said...

awww. thanks for including me in such good company!