Friday, September 24, 2010

Window shopping in Skaneateles!

I really have to say, I am pretty darn lucky!

On Facebook, I saw this post for Modern Salon, asking salon owners to do an assignment. I read the requirements, really wanted to do it, then...(as usual) second guessed myself. Thinking..."What would I say? Would I know how to write what I was seeing? Would I sound ridiculous? What if they didn't pick mine?" So, basically I didn't offer to do it. So the girl from Modern Salon emailed me (How'd she know I was considering it? See what I mean, I'm lucky:) and asked me to do it. So with the help of my dear friend, my surrogate sister..the one who holds my hand often - Shelly - we planned a glorious Monday of window shopping...First a coffee though;) a little window shopping, then lunch at the bakery (BEET SALAD TO DIE FOR!)! Hehe, it was a great afternoon!

Here is the article, on my favorite displays at Paris Flea and Skaneateles 300. I hope in the future, I get to do other fun things like this:)