Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So how would you like to play monopoly, but with Skaneateles landmarks and businesses to land on!?!

The Skaneateles Education Foundation will be publishing a customized version of Monopoly, called “Skanopoly” to raise money for education in our community. Skanopoly will be available in local stores starting in late November. 1000 games will be published and they will be sold for $30.00 each, with all proceeds going to education.

Many local merchants and restaurants have generously sponsored properties on the Board and we thank them for their support. Bijou has a square, it's not Park place or Boardwalk, but it's close!

The photo up above is what will appear in the patron booklet! I can't wait till the games come in, they will make great gifts and I think the 1000 will sell quickly!

If you would like to learn more about the Skaneateles education foundation, please click here or up top at the first mention of the word, I was really pleased to see they had a webpage to browse and learned a little about it!


Emily said...

Great idea! It wouldn't be complete without Bijou!

Do you know if these will be available for pre-order?

Bijou salon said...

Hey Emily!!

I'm not sure, but they are making 1000 of them..and I think they can make more..
It's Sharon Magee that is in charge of them, when I see her, I will ask!

Emily said...

Sounds great! Any word yet?
I am not sure if I can make it into town during Novemeber but would like to buy these for Holiday gifts- do you plan to sell it at the salon?

Bijou salon said...

Hey Emily!

I just purchased one at Creekside, they have a bunch of them! I can't wait to take a look inside, but have to wait for tomorrow when my son opens it up for his bday:)